why god made this world

Why God made this World: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Why god made this world

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Why God made this World

When a Human Being makes a model, a static one, he initially is very happy over his invention for the first time. What next! He dreams of putting Life into it ... make his model dynamic ... more about as a robot under his absolute command.

Similarly, when the World was made by god, he did not feel happy for there was neither pain nor happiness to be seen anywhere. He put Life into the model and was created a dynamic Universe ... full of inherent powers for one to realize. The so called Life and more particularly the Human Beings are but models for the Omnipotent god for there is no purpose in their creation. Once the Atman the soul within every Human Being "Realizes" self, the existence of that Human Being becomes liberated forever from bondage of Life.

The balance of the Cosmic system always remaining nil ... Atman the soul within which always existed unattached to its manifested form has become free forever. Human being, which is but a cluster of organic compounds gets back to its original form after atman the soul within leaves the body ... the Cosmic balance remaining unaffected.

What existed before the big bang took place? Well ... what exists before we puncture a full-blown balloon! From where did all the air in the balloon come from. Try to understand this small Cosmic phenomenon and your doubts about the creation and existence of the cosmos would become clear. Ether and only ether occupied the huge Cosmos before the occurrence of big bang.

Can you measure the size of the cosmos? Not possible ... can you trace center of the cosmos? These are questions the answers of which have been barred from an average Human Being to understand. Every Human Being has the capability to interpret and understand all within the confines of his intelligence based on the use of five senses given to us. To comprehend the answer to the most intricate questions concerning Cosmos is beyond his capability. Only persons who have realized god ... the Arihantas (as in Jainism) are capable of knowing the answers to such questions. To understand the system, where only pure consciousness prevails ... one has to realize self!

Every puny Human Being ... in spite of the physical weaknesses is but all powerful because of an Omnipotent, Omniscient and Omnipresent atman the soul within being present within the body ... always and ever ready to guide him on the Cosmic journey. Introspect ... you shall never be able to unveil the truth! Answers to your most potent Query ... as to the size of Cosmos and its center remaining unsatisfied ... you have but to delve deep into the domains of "Bhagavad Gita" and various Upanishads. You will ultimately learn that the whole World is an illusion, a World of "Maya" ... a mere thought of god!

You realize self ... and the game of god is up! Weird, it may seem ... the Cosmic truth always remains the same. How many of you realize that it is possible to live Life following the path of Truthfulness ... nay become a symbol of one. Mahatma Gandhi found no reason which required of him to be untruthful in any matter whatsoever. He followed Truthfulness religiously and became a living embodiment of Truthfulness. Riding high on the path of Truthfulness ... we shall one-day unveil the hidden passage to god, the Omnipotent Creator of the cosmos.

God ... the all merciful Creator though possessing all powers within the creation never tends to annihilate anything whatsoever. Every phenomenon, every act is the result of a happening elsewhere for a lay Human Being can never reach the sublime truth ... unless one clears self of indulgences at each and every stage of Life. The truth of the self, of the pure consciousness present within us, the latent powers can only be exercised by being truthful and working for the benefit of mankind at large.

Come whatever may ... never lose Faith in the Almighty God for he alone can annihilate all our miseries we have indulged ourselves in. Your body may be cut to pieces ... your family may be wiped out due to a Cosmic curse ... we must refrain from blaming god for our miseries. He shall guide us, our Atman within and speed up our Cosmic journey. What matters for god is not our physical self, but the Cosmic self on a Cosmic journey changing one form after another ... in a hurry to realize self at the earliest.

As a physical manifest form you have to continue performing your Karma ... which alone shall help you in crossing the samara (the physical World) in the present Kali Yuga. Offer your sincere prayers coupled with intense Karma ... you shall be what you want to become one-day.

Having split itself, the absolute consciousness ... a conglomerate of all Atmans present in the Cosmos start on their Cosmic journey ... a cycle of 8.4 Million manifestations which every atman the soul within shall have to cover before it regains its original form. The complete Cosmic cycle, known as a Kalpa has an average Life span of 96.4 Million years. The pure atman the soul within gets smeared in more and more impurities as it proceeds farther into the Cosmos. Only by performance of Karma by the physical self can every atman the soul within hope of liberating itself one-day.

For performance of Karma, every atman the soul within has to take a refuge on a Life support planet. With Sun, as the core energy source, the Atmans take refuge on Mother Earth. The first body taken by an Atman ... the form of an amoeba evolves further into a multi-cell formation ... subsequently, to evolute into a plant ,an animal and finally into a Human Being.

The evolutionary stage unto plant Life can be considered as the basic stage covered in the Cosmic journey by an atman the soul within. The plants which can sway to the tune of a mighty breeze cannot move away in a thunderstorm. They either bend and break from the middle or are uprooted. They depend for their Life on outside resources for they cannot travel. Fruit bearing trees can never consume their own fruit. They continue performing their Karmas knowing well the fruits of their efforts are for others to enjoy. The shady trees provide a sojourn to many a wayside traveler ... yet the tree cannot have its own fruits.

Comes the next stage in the evolutionary process. This plant which was not able to run and save itself from natural disasters ... now had legs. Animals ... whenever they fear a natural calamity runs away and hides itself in a cave or a burrow. In the event of a flood, the poor animal could not survive ... its suffocated and died. It had no intelligence to guide him to escape from death.

Subsequently, this animal evolved into a Human Being. He could think. Not only could he think but could also pray to god. Prayers ... the communicating link between atman the soul within and Almighty god (the Creator of the cosmos) were available freely to every Human Being to practice. Human beings, the mightiest force in the Cosmos ... a manifestation by the Creator himself, yet questions his authority and asks "why god created him and the Cosmos"?

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains the concept of Why God made this World. For more on big bang theory summary evolution of man visit -
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