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World War 3: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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World War 3
Nostradamus Predictions
(when shall it be)

World War 3

World War 3: When shall it be?

World War 3 shall result owing to breaking down of the basic fabric of the society. World War 3 is not a making of a day; week or years... it has been in reckoning since long. It shall be the last folly of mankind... the last war of this era. It shall be the end of science as we know it today.

World War 3 shall be different from World War I and World War II. The earlier World Wars were fought for establishing the supremacy of one country over the other. World War 3 shall be a fight to the finish between Christianity and Islam.

Quran, the holy book of Islamic dharma predicts complete annihilation of the Muslim (Islamic) community after the year 2000. In the cosmic system established by God there is no place for fundamentalists. Bible also predicts the end of the Vatican after year 2000.

Both communities are primarily fundamentalists by nature... the practitioners of Islamic dharma do not hide this fact. On the contrary the Christians do not advertise their principles of life but the atrocities being committed by USA and its allies worldwide is a known fact. Both the communities are predicted by Nostradamus to get annihilated in the World War 3.

World war 3 shall be a fight between Dharma (moral values) and Adharma (wicked tendencies). None world-wide shall be able to escape the effects of World War 3. The catastrophe shall be of such a magnitude that 1200 million people will vanish in World War 3.

After World War 3 the population of the world shall be limited to 4800 million. Primarily, India and China would not be aggressively involved in World War 3. With a combined population of about 2000 million... it shall mean that apart from India and China... the whole world would be badly affected by World War 3.

As envisaged by the famous physicist Einstein... the fourth World War would be fought with stones and uprooted trees. He was correct for the World War 3 would signal the end of science as it is today. Life will have a new beginning... a new meaning after World War 3!

World War 3 would signify that life would have come full circle... it was about 3600 years before that Lord Krishna came and gave life a new meaning. Presently everyone is awaiting the advent of Bhagavan Kalki... one who delivers the mankind from the presently existing ills and announce the end of the Kali Yuga the metal age.

Kali Yuga (the present metal age) has been termed as a period in the history of mankind when human being stoops so low in morality that it becomes difficult to differentiate animals from human beings! The humanity is presently passing through the last phase of Kali Yuga... and this is the time when a Yuga Avatar (Incarnation of God Almighty) of the level of Lord Krishna descends on Mother Earth and saves the mankind!

World War 3 and the aftermath shall be period of reckoning for the mankind... all the efforts... all the discoveries and inventions of the past few hundred years would get washed down the drain. The end of Kali Yuga shall announce the start of Sat Yuga (the golden period).

Nostradamus in his prophecies had rightly predicted the start of the World War 3 around the end of 1998. The World War 3 did not happen. Why? As the prayers world-wide increased... the happening got delayed... who is interested in a Holocaust of the magnitude of almost thousands times that of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Based on the predictions of Nostradamus as of now... World War 3 is most likely to happen around 2011~2012. Until then both the communities... the Christians and followers of the Islamic Dharma are silently in preparation.

A rise in the level of waters around 10~12 feet in the seas and the oceans is predicted in World War 3. The radio active vapors would result in melting of the Arctic ice on an unprecedented scale. World War 3 would result in countries like Australia almost getting wiped out from the face of the Earth. World War 3 would result in waves raising to a height of upto 1000 feet... something unheard of!

The infliction by World War 3 would we phenomenal, unthinkable for the human being has indulged destroying the balance of nature. Now it is the fury of the nature everyone shall face! World War 3 would be remembered for the times to come for it shall mean the end of the dark era and the start of Sat Yuga (the golden period).

It has always been a cat and dog fight between the Christianity and the Islamic dharma. Unable to contain self both the communities would try to annihilate the other in World War 3. The results would be catastrophic for the entire mankind.

One may or may not indulge in World War 3 but every living being shall face the music of the World War 3. The doctrine of mass Karma confirms this. A citizen may or may not have acted indifferently but for the acts of the executive president... the total country shall suffer or gain for we have elected him of our own free will.

The people of Australia may not have faulted to the extent that the World War 3 spells complete doom for the entire country. Their support to USA as an ally shall be the cause of their suffering. Even though not directly involved in World War 3 but surrounded from all sides by the sea... this country shall suffer the most.

In World War 3 and the aftermath who shall survive is a tricky question? The doctrine of mass Karma shall see to it that those with Punya Karma (good Karma) in their balance shall survive and human beings having a negative balance of Karma shall perish. Justice delayed but not denied!

The end of World War 3 shall see India becoming superpower number-one. China shall follow as superpower number two. It is inevitable... none can change the consequences for it is Karma of the people of that country that shall decide the fate in their favor.

Glory is to World War 3 predictions by Nostradamus which shall hold well in the end!
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Shape of the world to come

(It is to confirm that based on the theory of mass Karma ... only the dates of start of World war will change ... World War III was most likely to start in 2003 (which did not happen) and now is expected around 2012! All other dates likewise will get shifted ... this is in response to the numerous queries I receive asking about the present scenario ... what will it be!!)

Purpose of building the Universe

Until Era of Satyuga starts, common masses of people will not be able to understand the true purpose of God in creating the Universe. (Satyuga .. a period described in our ancient scriptures as, when everything is systematic and organized and the society is more inclined towards Spiritual values than materialism).

When you expect "Satyuga" to start: 2006!

The Years (1994 - 2006):

1994 - 1998 ... Distortion in relations between one nation and another. Mutual trust depletes day by day. "Ghor Kali Yuga" starts and continues till 1998 end - 1999 beginning (Reason ... Trust between one Human Being and other at its lowest ebb). (Ghor Kali Yuga .. a period when the basic system of Society breaks down and every one is to cater for his own self).

Iraq is presently getting manufactured atomic bombs in Pakistan under guidance from Iran and China.  

1998 - 1999 ... World War III erupts - a full scale nuclear attack by Muslim countries on USA & its Allies with Iraq as their leader (Reasons .... Pounding of Iraq day and night by USA and its Allies inspite of an indirect "No" by UN Secretary General and its councils). Although USA and its Allies intervened due to barbarian and forcible occupation of Kuwait by Iraq which though illegal, was not as big an offense resulting in day to day bombardment of Iraq by USA and its Allies without taking into consideration civilian damage and sufferings caused to normal citizens.

8 Atomic bombs will be exploded in 8 cities of USA in one day to start with. The big brother USA still unable to recover from the emotional shock decides to hit back resulting in a full scale war between USA supported by its Allies and the Muslim World.

China, the biggest Country population wise with a communist regime plays a wise game indirectly, by supplying ammunition to the Muslim countries. It also gets a chance to hit back at India via Pakistan. (Result ... a massive chaos in the homeland as the democratic force which remained suppressed for many years now surface and who look towards India ... a true Democratic setup, with respect).

Israel, the biggest foe of the Muslim World is reduced to a heap of dust within 6 days as the anger against USA and its Allies is initially directed towards Israel (Without support from the outside World this becomes a possibility).

India, the biggest democratic setup of the World and a Country par excellence for its doctrines of "Ahimsa" given by "Lord Mahavira" now begins to rise from slumber. People feel in themselves the mighty potential which lay hidden in them for centuries.

"Satyuga" ended in India around AD 1000. Thereafter, Muslim and then English ruled India till 1947.

Law of Eternal truth:

The doctrine on which the total system of the creator is based is foolproof. Indians who have remained tormented for about 1000 years shall now reap the reward for their patience they have long practiced, "You hit on one face and the other turns over".

1999 - 2003 ... Massive destruction world-wide. Population of World decreases to about 80 percent. The left alive Human Beings crave for Sunlight, pure air and water to breathe and drink which is nowhere in sight.

Lesson learnt:

Everyone "Realizes" that the burden of ego. i.e. "I" is the biggest folly of mankind. People start thinking of themselves in form of an atman soul then a mere Human manifestation alone. This reduces the pain and gives the ailing Humanity a reprieve, a spark of hope for the better times to come.

2005 - 2006 ... End of World War III and start of a new World Order dominated by India (our beloved "HINDUSTAN") the true democratic force of the World.

A Gentleman from the common walks of Life and about 60 years of age comes into limelight due to his God like thinking and doings ... His Karma is to make him a true legendary Hero of the day. This person enters the new refined politics, becomes the leader of the masses, changes the parliamentary system of democracy to presidential one and becomes the 1st Executive President of a true Democratic Super Power of the World i.e. INDIA. With a US $1 = Re 1, the Indians are excited, for they never dreamt of such happiness, which lay in store for them.


Should we Indians rejoice for what the future of their Country and Countrymen is going to be ... No, but let us all (all Nations and communities of the World) prepare ourselves for the worst, for the years 1999 - 2003 are going to be remembered for ever. We do not know who will survive and how?

Let us all pray to the "Mighty God" to reduce the effect of the things to come for the God also, cannot stop what is bound to happen as we ourselves have admitted into it by our most foolish deeds. The "Doctrine of Mass Karma of a nation" prohibits this. Like Karma of an individual, Mass Karma performed by any Country is an irreversible process. What ever has been committed by individuals of a nation, good or bad ... they have to bear with the results.

God never manifests

It is a ball of Pure Energy from where all energy radiates and that source of energy is from where the Creation (Universe) started. The source of Energy which makes all the electrons in the universe rotate around the nuclei at the speed of light is what we know as God. We must again with bowed heads prey to the GOD to reduce the effect in the aftermath of the war, so that the Humanity as we see it today does not vanish.

Is the Humanity which in 1994 understands itself to be a direct manifestation of the "God" is doomed to be destroyed or put to great sufferings by "God" itself in 1999 - 2003? No, It is not going to be so. Only the society will change its Ethical standards and Values. human beings will start giving less importance to themselves as they shall realize that, as a manifested form they are only a clothing for the "Atman" and hence shall start searching for "Atman" truly. Does it mean the pace of "Atman" towards achieving "Parmatma" (Creator) will get accelerated ... Yes.

human form will change. Physical limbs will start losing importance and Brain portion will start playing more governing role and will dominate the rest of the body. We may become less dependent on the senses and also Sun, Air and Water. The importance of Sun, Air and Water is not being reduced but our utilization and consumption of these may reduce.

A stage will come when we shall start traveling in Air and Water and it may become more easier and logical for us to continue searching for hidden realms of Oceans, Center of Earth and Outer space then infighting between Human Beings... be it Households, Societies or Nations. back to shape of the world to come

Essays By: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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