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Karma and God : Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Karma and God

No human being ever has absolute control over life... be one Bill Gates or a commoner. The residual balance of karma of the previous manifestations that has not yet fructified may yield fruits any time. If the residual balance of karma is positive... no harm shall befall us. However if the balance of karma that is yet to fructify is negative... we are doomed to our fate... not even God Almighty can help us in the circumstances.

The doctrine of karma is not limited to one life. Why? For the simple reason that the extra intelligent human being is could have manipulated the results... rather backtracked the events and subsequently extrapolated the coming future. This would have led to chaos. In brief... about 95% of the residual balance of karma fructifies the moment our soul atman manifests a new life.

Whether we shall be born in a laborers house or a king is based upon the residual balance of karma of all the previous manifestations. About 95% of the residual balance of karma already utilized... the remaining 5% karma has yet to fructify. This is the hidden X factor in life over which none has control.

While finalizing the balance sheet it is possible we may have to write off many bad debts. At the end of the year the balance sheet is compiled writing off the bad debts and the balance carried over as the opening balance of the next year. In the next year it is possible that one of the bad debts (that was written off) fructifies as the owner agreed to pay the back dues. In the physical manifested world we term it as good luck.

God Almighty that is pure energy always acts as a Dhrista (onlooker) and never interferes with the creation of his. The whole cosmic system runs like a supercomputer. As we sow so shall we get... nothing less or more, so says the doctrine of karma! In the circumstances to neutralize the bad effects of the previous lives why not all of us indulge in earning Punya karma (good karma) all the time.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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