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Philosophy of Life

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Purpose in Life

Purpose of Life

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  • Purpose of life
    Is there a purpose of life? What does it mean when men of wisdom say there is always a purpose in life? If there is life's purpose then why do most people while away their life without ever finding a purpose in life? What use living a purpose driven life without a defined purpose?

  • Remaining content
    Real contentment follows when we choose a goal in life that corresponds dearly to our heart. Choosing a goal in life... a profession that is dear to our heart is the essence of life. It is then we forget the bondage of time and life itself. Lucky are those who follow the dictates of dreams of their calling. Every successful entrepreneur does this. Behind every success, every contentment lay the seed of choosing a perfect goal in life dear to our heart.
  • Intangible values Life
    It is a hundred percent fact that most things in life are intangible! The mind power... how it operates is clear to none except enlightened souls who gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and salvation (moksha). The clue behind intangibles are only known to enlightened ones like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or prophet Mohammed!
  • Life after Death
    One who states life does not exist after death... can never be termed educated or successful in life! Why? It is for the simple reason that death is an integral part of cosmic life! Only when the soul atman manifests a body... a human being is born... never of its own! our soul atman the spirit within soul atman within is the master and controller of the body.
  • Chessboard of Life
    In the chessboard of life we initially start as a pawn... the most elementary form of life... nothing within our control! As life passes by... until after 7.3 million manifestations in the insect, plant and animal form... we finally reach level of human beings! As human beings we sometimes behave like a Knight and sometimes a stallion!
  • Beyond the Senses
    All that we perceive with our five senses is the reality of the physical manifested world. What of the inner world... the master and controller of all things physical. The world of our souls' atmans is the absolute truth of life. It is our soul atman that is the master and controller of the body... never vice versa!
  • Born a Human Being
    I am very glad having born a human being... the highest manifest stage in the cosmic life cycle! Only as a human being the soul atman within gains liberation forever from the cycle of birth and death. The moment human beings gain enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and salvation (moksha)... all is over for the soul atman within!
  • Crisis in Life
    There are two facets to life when in crisis. Either the crisis relate to the physical manifested world or directly to the world of God.

    Any crisis related to the physical manifested world must be referred to elders in the family who can be relied upon. This is the only means of getting a solution to the problem.

  • Knowing Life
    The foremost of all things we should realize in life is the existence of our soul atman within. It is our soul atman that has manifested the body to work out its karma and not otherwise. Eradicating the impurities... the dross within soul atman is the sole purpose of life in the Cosmos! Had the big bang not occurred... there would not have been any Cosmos or life!
  • Lessons from Life
    The foremost of all things that I have learnt in life is gaining enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and salvation (moksha) at the earliest. Why? We do not know what we shall be in the next manifestation... also we have only one life to live! Why not live it to its best! Gaining enlightenment and salvation is the end goal of every soul atman within!
  • Life Story
    Every human being can write the story of ones life! It is not that difficult as it seems to be. Manifesting ones destiny is possible... we only need know the path! Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ and Prophet Mohammed... all manifested their destiny in totality! All these man gods (human gods) established total control... gained enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) in their lifetime.
  • Logical approach in Life
    In the journey of life most human beings remain so engrossed in the trivialities of life... we forget to look at the broader aspect of life. Dominated by ego... most human beings remain confined to their own pattern of thinking. This limits the scope of our thinking... the rational approach towards life! We truly live in a cocoon of our making!
  • Loneliness
    Yes... whenever I lost total faith in God... I felt alone in this world!

    Losing faith in God is like losing faith in the self. We sometimes fail to realize that in reality the soul (atman in Hinduism) present within our heart is of the same essence as God Almighty himself. For losing faith in God Almighty means we have lost track of our own soul (atman) within our body.

  • Loneliness in Life
    When everything in life seems to fail... when we have already eaten hell for breakfast numerous times... when everything seems lost... when it is life almost turned upside down... it is then most human beings on Mother Earth remember God Almighty. In times of happiness... when everything seems okay... none wants to remember God! Why

  • Philosophy of Life
    One need not develop a philosophy of life. It already exists since the beginning of time! As many human beings... as many paths... as many philosophies can there be! Gaining the human form is the most pleasant experience for the soul atman within. Only in the human form the soul atman regains its original pure pristine form.
  • Philosophy on Life
    My philosophy of life is... we have only one life to live! Why not live it at its best! Secondly we must have a definite goal in life... something indulging in which we lose track of time... something we truly love from within... something dear to our heart! Whatever be the goal of life... going after it with all eggs in one basket is the essence of life!
  • Point of Living
    The human form is meant to liberate the soul atman within! It is only in the human form soul atman within regains its original pure pristine form. The moment human beings gain enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha)... all is over for the soul atman within... the soul atman liberates from the cycle of birth and death forever.
  • Purpose in Life
    Whatever be the purpose of life... it can simply be known by hearing the sweet small inner voice of our soul atman within. It is our soul atman that is the master and controller of the body and not vice versa. It is not within the capability of the body to manifest a soul atman. The goal of life also belongs to our soul atman and never the body.
  • Purpose of Life
    As many human beings... as many paths to life can there be... the goal of each and every life being gaining enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha). In the physical manifest life... the earthly sojourn of 70 to 80 years every human being needs to find the temporal goal of life.
  • Satisfaction in Life
    One can remain absolutely satisfied in life by controlling desires... the wanton desires! Putting a full stop to ego most human beings can manifest destiny! Devoid of self control over desires and wishes... the life of human beings becomes like a rudderless boat going round and round in the ocean. With none to guide... everything seems lost!
  • Theory of Evolution
    The theory of evolution does not seem difficult too understand if we start assessment of life from the point cosmos started with a big bang. And why did the Cosmos start in the first place? Why was there a big bang? What was the need for God Almighty to create human beings... life on Mother Earth?
  • Wasting Life
    It is very simple to know that we are not wasting our life. If we have a definite goal in life... we are not wasting our time! Else everything is just a waste of time!

    No goal... no success in life! To be successful... we need to believe in success and when we busy ourselves in something that is really dear to us... we lose the perception of time!

  • What is Life
    Once we realize we are truly a soul atman within on its cosmic journey... the feeling of loneliness... oneness... monotony in life vanishes altogether! Yes, indeed we are truly a soul atman on its cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations (an earthly life cycle of 96.4 million years).
  • Best Philosophy of Life
    The manifest life we live has two facets. One is the goal and other the journey! Most human beings in life never carry a goal... a passion indulging in which we feel the pleasure of life... the joy of working! Life is never supposed to be passed by! In the earthly sojourn of 70 to 80 years... we definitely must live a life of choice!
  • Sufferings in Life
    Sufferings are part of destiny in life! In absence of sufferings... life becomes monotonous and dull! We always do not succeed in life... we have our part of failures! Success and sufferings are two sides of the same coin. An optimist perceives glass half full where as for a pessimist... the glass is half empty! Situation remaining the same... it is only the difference in perception that makes one suffer or succeed in life!
  • Goal of Life
    The purpose of ones life can be best known by the individual concerned! No other human being on Mother Earth can know others purpose of life. Others can simply speculate. Astrologers, palmists and numerologists etc. purely speculate ones life based on data available. It is a purely scientific approach... assessment... nothing beyond!
  • Meaning of Life
    If we really try to understand the meaning of life... all becomes clear! Who are we, why do we live, what is the meaning of death, why do we suffer, what is the meaning of happiness... the list of queries is endless! Life has as a very deep imbibed meaning... we only need to read between the lines! Those indulging in wanton desires and materialistic riches fail to understand the real meaning of life! Such people always get bogged down at one point of time!
  • Goal in Life
    Successful people always focus on both... the goal and the journey of life! If we minutely observe the career graph of successful people we shall find that a goal in life plays equally important role as the journey of life! Having a goal in life is journey half covered. Rest is all hard work, truthfulness, bulldog determination and willpower to win the end!
  • Ultimate Goal of Life
    To make this life worthy of living... we only need to search for the hidden ingredient of life that paves way to accomplish the purpose we were born for! Every single human being has a fixed purpose in life... we only need to search for it! The ultimate goal of every human being reaching the end of cosmic life... the 8.4 millionth manifestation... gaining enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) and finally salvation (moksha)!
  • Director of Life
    The play is directed by God Almighty... the Creator of all living beings! Not alone in this world... but the whole Cosmos (aka Brahmaand in Hinduism)... God directs everything but indirectly! God always acts as a Dhrista (onlooker) but never participates in the day-to-day activities of living beings. Ever since big bang occurred... all souls atmans spread out in the Cosmos. In their cosmic sojourn... they gathered impurities in the manner... a rolling ball gathers moss!
  • Value of Life
    The heartbeat that just keeps on and on no matter what results from presence of a soul atman in the heart. The moment the soul atman leaves the body... the heart stops beating... the body decays and dies! Whenever a new life is generated on Mother Earth... it is beats of the heart that confirm the presence of the newcomer. Every heart is home for the soul atman within.

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