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  • Bible revealed
    In Christianity it is a considered fact that Jesus is a son of God. Everything preached by Jesus Christ has been stated as revealed words of God... messages of God invoke by Jesus Christ for the benefit of mankind. Revealed messages simply convey the meaning that all Wisdom is invoked directly from the house of God Almighty.

  • Teachings of Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ... the preceptor of Christianity was one of his only kinds. He was a man god... one who had gained enlightenment and finally salvation (aka moksha in Hinduism) within his lifetime.

    For an enlightened one there is so much to give back to the community. Whatever wisdom one has gained as an enlightened master... either the spiritual master goes back (leaves his mortal frame) without giving anything back to the community! Alternatively, one gives back everything that one has learnt on the path to God.

  • Was Jesus God
    Jesus was never God Almighty but a man god. And what differentiates God Almighty from a man god.

    God Almighty is one and only one. He never manifests as a human being. It is a different matter that in Hinduism Lord Krishna has been considered an Avatar (God manifest in human form). And presently people are awaiting the advent of Bhagwan Kalki... one with almost the same powers as Lord Krishna and an Avatar of the modern era.

  • Christianity religion
    I not only believe but know for sure that Christianity is a religion. Before we elaborate on the issue whether Christianity is a religion we need to understand the definition of religion.

    Every religion primarily is the following of an enlightened master. Gautama Buddha gained enlightenment within his lifetime and his teachings came to be known as Buddhism aka the middle path. In a nutshell Buddhism is a religion which started after the advent of Gautama Buddha on Mother Earth

  • Jesus Christ spirituality India
    If someone comes to India to study its Wisdom... does it necessarily mean that one has to get involved in the caste system? No... Not in the least! Jesus Christ came to India when he was just 13 years of age. He came to India a stowaway hidden in a ship. His only aim was getting the Wisdom from the spiritual masters of the era. Nothing else mattered for him.
  • Science and Creation
    Pope... a representative of Jesus Christ on Mother Earth is absolutely ignorant about the relationship between science and religion. It is this ignorance that makes him say that Science and Creation! How can we call Pope an ignorant? The one who occupies the highest seat of clergy... how can one be ignorant!
  • Vatican guide spiritually
    Vatican is neither a business proposition nor a spiritual setup... it is a massive religious congregation! People of all faiths of Christianity believe in the Vatican. Vatican is the holy place for most Christians. Can we turn to Vatican for spiritual guidance... no! Why? Christianity is a following of the teachings of Jesus Christ. The essence of Christianity is summarized in the Bible. It is purely a religious following far away from what we term as spirituality.
  • Jesus Christ and God
    Jesus Christ was born a normal human being. In his lifetime he gained enlightenment and developed a following. Mahavira has done it... so has Gautama Buddha. After Jesus Christ followed Prophet Mohammed! In the last about 150 years only two persons have gained enlightenment... they were Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa and Maharishi Ramana.

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