nostradamus quatrain century 8 quatrain 77

nostradamus quatrain century 8 quatrain 77: Meaning explained by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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nostrodamus quatrain century 8 quatrain 77

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End of the World

2012 judgement year

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Nostrodamus Quatrain century 8 quatrain 77 interpretations
(Nostradamus Predictions Present and Future)

The antichrist very soon annihilates the three,
twenty-seven years his war will last.
The unbelievers are dead, captive, exiled;
with blood, human bodies, water and red hail covering the earth.

Nostradamus quatrains: Nostradamus quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 admits that there exists an antichrist. In the system of God if all is okay with a particular religion then why should that religion suffer? There must be something wrong with Christianity for an antichrist to come and ruin the party.

In Jainism... no one finds fault with Mahavira (the 24th Tirthankara of Jainism)... there is no anti-Mahavira who is expected. Similarly, Gautama Buddha was always right and we do not either expect an anti-Buddha. Why this feeling of antichrist existing within the Christian community. Is it for the simple reason that Christianity harbors views which are in contradiction to the established norms of God Almighty? A price has to be paid for deeds wrongly done!

Has Vatican done something that may lead the whole Christian community towards total chaos? Yes! The fanatical tendencies that exist within Christianity will lead Christianity towards total doom. Christianity in the following years will reach a point of no return. This fact has been confirmed by Nostradamus in his predictions and in particular Nostradamus quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77.

Christianity believes and advocates Jesus Christ as the only son of God. Christians do not believe that gods of other religions are above Jesus Christ. Such a dogma... such obscure practices makes Christians deviate from the right spiritual path. How many times we attend the church is immaterial unless we learn to respect other religions.

Disbelieving in god of other religions makes Christians shortsighted. A few years before the following news made headlines, "John Pope Paul had hired some of the best astronomers of the world to locate God through telescopes". Can there be any person as shortsighted as John Pope Paul.

If the head of the Vatican believes that God can be visualized by telescopes... then God help Christians! Such shortsightedness totally absent in Hinduism and other religions which practice patience and perseverance... what of their future!

Bhagavad Gita, the doctrine put forward by Lord Krishna in Mahabharata clearly spells that God Almighty is Nirakaar in form (without a form). It is pure energy like our soul atman present within us. If the total Christian community has such a religious head as John Pope Paul... why blame Pope alone for the total Christian community has elected him to the post.

It is but evident that the end of Christianity is near. It is not merely the predictions of Nostradamus that say so... it is the prevalent Christian practices which shall be the cause of doom of Christianity. As there is light... we also have darkness. This does not mean that every Christ must have an antichrist. In the spiritual domain such a happening is very rare.

Every enlightened person does not have a negative aspect of life. It is not the teachings of Jesus Christ that are wrong. It is the implementation of the teachings of Jesus Christ which is at fault. The Sacred teachings of Jesus Christ have been vitiated by those in power having vested interests. The Vatican and the religious heads fear putting the truth in front of the masses.

To keep the masses attracted... these religious heads disseminate wrong wisdom to the masses. Now it is upon the masses to correct these wrong disseminators of knowledge else false propaganda would make the whole teachings of Christianity a farce.

This wrong dissemination of knowledge has continued for many centuries. Now the time has come to face the antichrist. The antichrist is not one who is against the teachings of Jesus Christ but antichrist is one who is definitely against those who disseminate wrong seeds of wisdom to the masses and that too in the name of Jesus Christ.

The antichrist is awaited by the Christian community! Why? Have they done something wrong so that they await coming of an antichrist. Yes! The fanatical tendencies of the preachers of Christianity have indulged in wrong doings. To correct these wrong doings all await the coming of antichrist... one who delivers the Christians from the ills of pursuing the wrong spiritual goal of life.

Truly speaking... there is no such thing as antichrist. The inherent fear in every Christian gives birth to the concept of antichrist. Having done wrong to the society for continually long periods of time... the people of USA now fear an antichrist to come and destroy their culture.

The seeds of wrong doings were sown by people of USA long back. Now it is inevitable that they shall face the fury of their negative tendencies. Many call George Bush as antichrist. How can that be... he is an elected representative of the people of USA? If George Bush is at fault... the combined community of USA is collectively at fault.

If Osama bin laden is considered as antichrist... he also is a product of CIA. Why fear your own creation? USA has miserably failed to prove to the world that its attack on Iraq and subsequent occupation was correct and legitimate. Then why fear attack from Osama bin laden that may be an antichrist in making!

The repressive attitude of Americans is at fault. In the name of providing aid to the poor and developing countries... it has totally milked them dry. If all those who have suffered at the hands of USA collectively attack USA... then who is at fault? The attacker or the repressors!

The fear from the antichrist is totally unfounded. The people of USA must think and act clearly. They have to be logistical in their thinking and if they desire to continue to be superpower number one... it has to act responsibly. Gone are the days when people could be fooled for long.

The whole world is tilting towards spiritual knowledge. Lord Krishna came from India. So did Mahavira and Gautama Buddha. Jesus Christ gained his wisdom from Nalanda and Taxila universities which existed in India. Prophet Mohammed also belonged to a region in Persia which was once a part of India.

The neglect of India... the largest democracy of the world by USA indicates USA fears the might of India. In the present circumstances if the combined opponents of USA attack USA... India will just wait and watch. There is nothing much India can do about it.

Nostradamus Quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 predicts the fall of USA, its main ally Europe and Israel. The war is expected to last 27 months which means two years and three months. Nostradamus wrote indirectly to escape persecution at the hands of the King. The World War Three is expected to last about 27 months.

The collapse of United States of America in World War Three is not ruled out. In the face of a nuclear attack... probably USA will succumb to the injuries. The combined might of the Muslim world cannot simply be neglected. The mastermind of the Muslim world would finally be called as antichrist... one whose directives result in annihilation of USA and its allies.

The doctrine of mass karma confirms this. As has the whole country performed... so shall be their future. Because of the repressive policies of USA in the past few decades... the coming of antichrist as predicted by Nostradamus in Century 8 Quatrain 77 cannot be ruled out.

Nostradamus Quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 further predicts that overconfidence in their might would cause the fall of USA in the fight against antichrist. Unable to believe USA can be overtaken by one less powerful... the whole system has been put in jeopardy!

Nostradamus Quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 further contemplates death all over mother earth. Piles and piles of dead bodies amongst contaminated air and water... it would be difficult to survive! Such a ghastly scene has been predicted in Nostradamus Quatrain Century 8 Quatrain 77 that the reflection caused during the rain and hail would appear reddish because of blood all around.

The World War Three is the period of reckoning. The aftermath of World War Three would witness a spiritual upheaval. Nostradamus in his Quatrains predicts the start of golden era beyond World War Three.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 explains Nostradamus Quatrains century 8 quatrain 77 meaning and interpretation. For more details on nostradamus quatrains century 8 quatrain 77 visit - nostradamus quatrains century 8 quatrain 77. Send your query - click here Ref. 060527

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