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Exclusive Articles Evolution: Essays by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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  • Evolution and religion
    Evolution never contradicts religion. Religion is a following of the enlightened masters. The followers of Gautama Buddha are called Buddhists and the religion Buddhism. The following of Jesus Christ is termed as Christianity.

    Evolution is a process not controlled by anybody. It just happens to be. Ever since the Cosmos came into being after the big bang, the evolutionary system became inevitable. As the souls atmans after the big bang spread all over the Cosmos... they had to come back to their original pure pristine form and for this they had to manifest body after another.

  • Evolution Life form
    The doctrine of evolution is a theory and not a man-made concept. In the process of evolution nothing has been left to chance or choice. The concept is very simple... as we perform so shall we get... nothing less or more. The question of transgressing the boundary of our fellow mates does not arise. Karma takes care of all that.

    Let us start from the beginning. The first manifestation by our soul atman within is the form of an amoeba. As it performs... based on the residual balance of karma... it further evolves into multi-cell formation. Next it evolves into insect life, plant life, animal life and finally the form of a human being.

  • Meek inherit Earth
    None for the truth lies elsewhere. A Cosmos, the big bang, God Almighty and souls atmans... All are integrally connected. How? The biggest evidence that the Cosmos started with a big bang is our existence as a human being... the existence of life on planet Earth (not universe for a Cosmos consists of many universes)!
  • God and Jesus Christ
    If we only understood the concept of evolution, god and enlightened souls!

    Evolution is for real... we all know that. The presence of a soul atman within every living being confirms this fact. Even plants and animals have a soul. Ever since the big bang occurred... all souls atmans spread out in the Cosmos. These movements at unbelievable speeds made souls atmans garner impurities on the way.

  • Evolution of Life
    And starts the cosmic journey of the soul atman within... a journey of 8.4 million manifestations (an earthly life cycle of 96.4 million years)! The soul atman within manifests one life after another provided matching parents are available on Mother Earth. Everything in the cosmic domain is governed by the doctrine of karma. Whatever be the balance of karma of the present manifestation... becomes the opening balance of the next manifestation!
  • Formation of Life
    Every human being descended on Mother Earth more than 84 million earthly years ago. How? The form of a human being can only be achieved after crossing through the phases of insect life, plant life and animal life! The form of a human being is the last manifest stage... the highest manifest stage in the cosmic life cycle!
  • Why Human Beings exist
    All human beings are born on Mother Earth for a purpose! Every single individual has a different purpose... similar as every individual part of a puzzle has its role! We human beings have not manifested the body... it is our soul atman within living within our heart that has manifested this body! Every soul atman manifests bodies to work out its karma... remove the dross (the impurities within)

  • Conception easy birth hard
    In the cosmic system... everything is so perfect... so logically correct that we only need to interpret the right meaning. The conception has been made easy for the only reason that people indulge themselves for the sake of progeny. If it were difficult... the population of the world would not have been even one per cent of what we find today.

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