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  • Satyagraha
    Satyagraha is living life following the path of absolute truthfulness... Satya ka agraha which literally means in Hindi... following the path of truthfulness (Satya means truth).

    In a dishonest world... to think spending a lifetime living the path of absolute truthfulness is beyond comprehension. It is not only difficult but incomprehensible. Mahatma Gandhi tried it... he was successful in implementation of Satyagraha. He had a very big objective behind him... Freedom of a big democratic setup like India! He was willing to pay any price for that... his Satyagraha finally made the British quit India.

  • Gaining purity
    One finally gains enlightenment in the end. Walking the path of absolute truthfulness is difficult in the present world full of wanton desires and materialistic riches... but not unachievable! We also need to follow the path of Neti (not this, not this) as preached and advocated by Maharishi Ramana. Practicing absolute celibacy also helps become purer.
  • Dishonesty
    If people are dishonest... are we supposed to worry? Who gave us this right! In the cosmic system of things everything in life has two facets. If we have God at plus hundred... we also have Satan at minus hundred. We have day... we also have night. We have fire... we also have water. In absence of one... the other loses its meaning. If the society was totally honest... life would become so monotonous... it would lose its meaning!
  • Power from within
    The real strength comes from our own character... the path of truthfulness that we are supposed to follow. Unless we are truthful to self... no matter whom we look forward to... the happiness we search for always eludes us. We have to follow the path of absolute truthfulness to stand up and face life again.
  • Hidden Truths
    Truths nobody can fathom... absolute truths contained in scriptures of all religions of the world... always remain elusive to the common man! Why? Everything we perceive in the mortal... the ephemeral world is governed by our senses and the mind. The absolute truths contained in the sacred scriptures of all religions are beyond the purview of the senses and the mind

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