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Existence of God - Does god exist?

Existence of God: facts and figures Does God exist?

If you are a theist... you already believe in the Existence of God! If you are an atheist... you look forward to clues which would scientifically or otherwise prove the Existence of God.

Both the theories are correct. It is only saying that the glass is half full and the other half empty! Belief in the Existence of God stems from extreme faith in the system of God Almighty Creator. Being on the highest level of manifestation... human beings understand that nothing gets created on its own.

If we believe in the fact that the whole cosmos is the creation of God then we believe in the surmise that "God Does Exist". On the contrary atheists desire a proof of Existence of God. As per Jainism beliefs there is no Existence of God and they do not believe in the existence of a Creator. According to Jainism the Cosmos exists from times immemorial.

Believing in the Existence of God is like believing in the existence of a flower. Even though a flower may not be directly visible to us but we can feel its presence by the fragrance it emits... God also exists but we cannot see it due to the limitations of senses. God Almighty is beyond the capture of senses and the mind.

Why is it so that strong nonbelievers of God tend to believe in God the moment they face abnormal adversities in life. The sweet small voice which seems to come from within the body... the voice of our soul the atman within... is it not God in its miniscule form guiding us always and ever? Does it not confirm the Existence of God in its entirety?

Why do we at all require more proofs regarding Existence of God? The movement of the stars, the planets and the cosmic system as a whole... is it not governed by the invisible hands of God Almighty Creator of the cosmos.

Bhagavad Gita... the most sacred of all Scriptures existing on Mother Earth confirms the existence of the Almighty God. As narrated in Bhagavad Gita... God Almighty explains the reasons of exploding the self... the start of the journey of the various Souls Atmans... and creation of the cosmos itself.

If there was no God Almighty Creator... then the concept of big bang theory itself would have failed prematurely. No God... no big bang theory... no creation of the cosmos and there would never have been a solar system nor our Mother Earth and even us.

If we do not believe in the Existence of God it is for the reason that senses and the mind are unable to provide a logistical end to our arguments... we need to believe in the fact that God Almighty Creator is not the form of a human being... neither it has any other form whatsoever.

God Almighty Creator has to be a gaseous formation! Looked upon from the angle of senses and the mind we perceive the whole cosmos to be made up of solid matter and it is this surmise which does not allow us to peep beyond the limitations of senses and the mind.

If we are to believe in the Existence of God... we need to remember that the whole cosmos is made up of the basic building block of the nature... the atoms and the molecules. And beyond the clusters of the atoms and the molecules nothing else exists in whole Cosmos except Ether which accounts for the empty black space in the Cosmos.

Whatever be the form of God... it is definitely in form of energy and that too pure energy. It is a different matter that during the time of the big bang... this cluster of pure energy we know as God (the combined power of all the purified souls Atmans in their pristine state is what we call God Almighty Creator) scatters all over the Cosmos.

All souls start their cosmic journey of 8.4 million manifestations and it is at the end of the cosmic life that the Soul Atman comes back to is pristine pure form. At the time of dissolution of cosmos all these purified souls combine together to form what we call God Almighty Creator.

We may not believe in the fact that God does not have power to create... but not to believe in the Existence of God would be an anomaly. The whole creation of God is like a mighty computer which runs on a system of predefined parameters. As you perform so shall you get... nothing more or less! As we pray... accordingly be with the results of prayers!

Sinners cannot expect to be gain Punya Karma (positive balance of Karma) and those indulging in pious deeds do not seem to face the wrath of God most of the time. Everything in the cosmic system is balanced. We may or may not believe in the Existence of God... our journey of life continues unabated.

As we cannot see the smell of a flower but believe the fact after seeing the flower... we do not and cannot hope to see God with the limitations of senses and the mind. It is only when one reaches the stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi can one come across face-to-face with God Almighty.

It is this stage of Nirvikalpa Samadhi which confirms the Existence of God. Every enlightened soul like Mahavira, Gautama Buddha, Jesus Christ or Prophet Mohammed never had any doubts about the Existence of God (it is a different matter that the moment they got enlightened they were able to perceive the truth in its entirety!

All anomalies fail to exist the moment one "Realizes" God... all doubts about the Existence of God come to an end the moment one becomes enlightened. One may or not believe in the Existence of God but the fact remains is that "the God Does Exist".
back to existence of god - does god exist?

God the Creator and Man Gods

Creator: "Brahman, the Creator" is one. Gods can be many. Brahman created the Universe and in it all atmans (souls). These Atmans manifest themselves in different forms to purify themselves. Once purified ... they attain Moksha (liberation). The purified Atmans have been accorded a status by the Society ... we call them God. Man-Gods ... are those Human Beings, those jivas who in their Life time have liberated themselves from the cycle of birth and death and have become immortal (amar). They are known as amar for they shall not manifest again.

No living being can ever become immortal for the manifested form has a limited Life and with passage of time it biologically degrades. By controlling your breath with use of certain "Asanas" (Yogic exercises) you can never hope of becoming "immortal". If your normal Life is destined to be 70 years you may prolong it unto 200 years but what after!!! Moha (attachments) of the bodily frame shall ever keep you away from obtaining "Brahma Jnana" for a realized soul wants to leave this body and attain liberation (moksha) at the earliest!

These liberated Souls who were top on the ladder and who also imparted "Brahma - Jnana", before leaving for the abode of God, the Creator were given the status of God ... for the messages coming out of their mouth were "Eternal messages - the texts contained in Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads and all religions of the World". All these Human Gods were powerful enough - to invoke any message from the mighty reservoir of thoughts i.e. Mind plus. They never let any thought from Mind minus come nearby. Listening to them was for any mortal like hearing the voice of God - the creator, the Brahman himself. Adi Shankaracharya who interpreted the Vedas, Vedanta and the Gita is considered mighty ... for he also attained a near-God status by his bright revelations about the system of God.

Normal Human Beings who in this Kali Yuga the metal age of today find it difficult to live a Life full of moral and principles ... find the messages of Gita and Upanishads as mere texts to be read and devoured only by the 'so called’ learned priests of the Society. Today .. to achieve the status of a Vivekananda would be enough ... What to say of attaining the status of a man Gods like Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Buddha or Prophet Mohammed.

All are after gaining material riches than earning "Punya" which alone is the "balance and net" carried forward to next Life. "How to make an ordinary mortal understand this truth", the Essence of all Sacred texts!

"Every God-realized soul must never think that "He is that". "He is that" only in the "Nirvikalpa Samadhi" stage & also the stage when he has imparted "Brahma-Jnana" to all and is leaving this body. At this stage also he may or not be considered equivalent to a "Human-God", for the simple reason that "As many Human Beings ... so many are the paths towards God, the Creator {applicable to Human Beings alone and not other jivas like insects, plants and animals ... for Mukti (liberation) by an "Atman" is only possible through the form of a Human Being}.

The invocation of messages from Mind (through Shruti) is done by realized Souls depending on their intellect and as all can never be at the same level at the same time ... like the voice invoked by an imported audio player can never match with the voice invoked by a locally assembled unit! In ‘He is That’ - ‘That’ denotes the status of a "man-God" (those powerful Human Beings who are true servants and representatives of God) and never "God-the creator". All individual Atmans shall remain individual until full purification (i.e. liberation of Atmans from further manifestation takes place & Atman is not further required to take a body). All collective purified Atmans are known as "God-the creator" i.e. the collective power of all purified "Atmans" is the power of "God" the creator. You a "purified Atman" are only a brick in the abode of "God-the creator".

When "Big Bang" occurs the abode of creator disintegrates. Due to the inherent power of evolution present in every atman soul it continues to take a body after body until it finally liberates. A time comes when all Atmans get purified & further manifestations cease to take place. Need for further manifestations gone ... the Cosmos collapses, to again become a concentrated mass not bigger than a cm and half in diameter. This concentrated mass re-explodes culminating in a Big Bang i.e. the birth of a new Kalpa, a new Cosmos all over again. This theory (i.e. the cycle of Kalpa) ... the origination and Pralaya shall go on for ever.

You, a Human Being, are the highest in the process of Evolution, a step below "liberation from further manifestation". Realize this simple truth and thy shall be the richest of all for you now possess ... not Gold and Diamonds but "Brahma Jnana" ... the most potent and powerful possession of any jiva. You now have the eternal right to Forgive one and all ... your ‘Ego’ shall henceforth not clash for you have realized that riches lie not in accumulation of material wealth but gaining ‘Punya Karma". Forgive one and all without exception .. however big the crime committed or may seem to appear.

Never let "corrupt thoughts" take possession of you. The "field of thoughts" wherein germinates every thought is your only possession which differentiates one from all other types of living beings on planet Earth and which you have to cultivate as a farmer cultivates a barren plot of land. When you take birth on Mother Earth, you are unaware of the process of cultivation and even do not know that you own a "field" which you alone shall cultivate in future. In childhood, the Parents cultivate this field for you.

Good Parents give you a positive outlook of Life and the child grows up with a Sunny exposition, in a serene atmosphere looking ahead to a Life full of Virtues and Morals ... Not so Educated ones (Educated not by degrees earned in Universities) impart a rather negative outlook of Life ... Resulting in the child sometimes being brought up in a neglected atmosphere feeling deprived as the most down trodden inhabitant of the Society.

Lucky are those who take possession of their fields early in Life and cultivate it according to their liking. Such children make a mark in the Society for they are inherently aware of the fundamental Truths .. those which are to be followed by all ... without exception. The Eternal principles which are explained in Sacred texts of all religions of the World ... Which can never be belittled nor condemned by any. These Truths act as the light posts which shine our fields day and night provided we have full Faith in them.

We go to Temples, Mosques and Churches ... why? What necessitates us to seek blessings from God now and then! Why do we at all want to recharge our moral batteries! Is it us, a Human Being or our "Atman" within which goes to such Religious places to communicate with the ‘mighty Lord’, the Omnipotent Creator of the Universe to seek his blessings so that We may in our Worldly pursuits advance ahead without hurdles! You may be a king or a laborer - all go to his abode irrespective of the family or caste one may belong to. Does this not bring to your mind ... ‘Atman’ within all is essentially of the same nature. Where lies the distinction? It is not God, the creator who distinguishes or discriminates but the ‘Ego-minded’ Human Beings who have set different standards for different beings.

Can you enter an Ashram without being intercepted unless you are a thief or a friend or an acquaintee! Is it not easier to go to the house of God (there are no timings for going to a temple, mosque or a church) on Mother Earth than the Ashrams and Math's (places for Spiritual minded people to stay) of the so called Spiritual leaders of the Society. They desire the society to seek appointment with them ... Longer the Que. ,bigger shall be the fame in which floats their bloated ego.

You may expect pardon from ‘God, the creator’ by praying with a humble heart and asking God in true earnestness to be Forgiven for deeds committed knowingly or unknowingly. Can you expect justice from a Court whose hands are bound by the law books and the advocacy of a corrupt advocate! One who intuitively feels that injustice is being imposed on an innocent one due to non-availability of documented evidence and proofs or due to false evidence by the vested interests but, fails to render the right judgment for, he fears the falling of the ax of those higher and mightier than him.

We must never ever loose our trust in the system of God ... If we desire to live a happy and healthy Life! back to god the creator and man gods

What does god Rama represent in the hindu religion?

What does god Rama represent in the hindu religion? Bhagwan Rama was the son of King Dasharatha. He was the epitome of the physical manifested Life. He was the one and only one of his kinds in the history of mankind. In Hinduism he is considered the epitome of the physical form of Life. There is nothing beyond the status of Bhagwan Rama that is required to be accomplished in form of a Human Being.

Bhagwan Rama reached the epitome of whatever a Human Being can achieve in his Lifetime ever. There is nothing to be achieved beyond what Bhagwan Rama achieved in his Lifetime. The prime reason why Bhagwan Rama is also known as Maryada Purshottam Rama! Signifying that Bhagwan Rama reached the highest portals of physical manifested Life has a Human Being.

Anything about the level of Bhagwan Rama is delving into the domains of Lord Krishna. Lord Krisna is considered an Avatar (direct incarnation of God Almighty) in Hinduism. Lord Krishna in doctrine of Bhagavad Gita preaches to the mankind the wisdom of the inner self, our atman the soul within. If we are to know anything related to our soul the atman within we need to study Bhagavad Gita... the doctrine dictated by Lord Krishna in the battlefield of Kurukshetra between Pandavas and Kauravas.

To live and reach the highest in the physical manifest form one should follow the Teachings of Bhagwan Rama. But to understand the cosmic wisdom of the inner self, our atman the soul within we need to study the Bhagavad Gita.

In a nutshell, the present Life of 70 to 80 years can be at the most governed by the Teachings of Bhagwan Rama and that is Ramayana. All the Teachings of Bhagwan Rama contained in Ramayana. Ramayana is the Bible of Teachings to be followed in day-to-day Life.

To understand and follow the intricacies of soul the atman within we need to understand Bhagavad Gita as dictated by Lord Krishna. This shall make us understand the logic of 8.4 Million manifestations every being is required to take in a cosmic Life cycle (the journey of 96.4 Million years in total). A long journey indeed!

Before we achieve the manifest stage of a Human Being every Human Being has already passed 7.3 Million lives... every Human Being initially started as an amoeba (single cell formation) the first stage in the cosmic Life cycle. As Life proceeds we evolve further into multi-cell formation, than an insect Life, next plant Life, then an animal and finally emerge as a Human Being.

To understand the cosmic system at large we need to understand whatever is contained in Bhagavad Gita... the doctrine dictated by Lord Krishna (the Avatar).

If we desire to reach the highest stage achievable by the form of a Human Being... we need to read Ramayana... the Teachings of Bhagwan Rama. back to what does god rama represent in the hindu religion?

Knowing God is it Idealism?

A born two-in-one ... Able to perceive both the Worlds: One with the external eyes provided by the senses, other with the internal eyes which only the Jnani's can use ... one who after introspection has won himself-his true-self ... whose Kundalini has awakened unknown to him.

Ever since I have been able to perceive the true World ... "the World of God" with my internal vision .. far from the World of outer senses ... the values of Life have changed ever after. The concept - How a fourth or an eighth class pass can become a Henry ford or a Jamshedji Tata has become crystal clear to me. The truth hidden in word "Education" was visible at the roots - opening out i.e. learning from within ... Expanding your mental capabilities to infinity was the password of the exalted few.

I am 100% free of all bondage!! The knots of the physical World never able to bind one for you are a pure being, one who understands the underlying unity beneath every diversity. Who can punish me by false impositions! Is Jesus Christ dead? Nailed to the cross to bleed to death ... Millions of Christians world-wide - remember him in the heart ... not out of fear of one but for the love towards him. He lives not in his mortal frame but in the heart & home of every Christian who loves him.

Those who realize God ... Never die. They are the preceptors of Humanity ... To guide the masses to their unknown destinations ... destination which he perceives in his vision. He sees the Almighty ... the omnipotent God sitting in his abode welcoming all who return to thy abode after serving the ailing Humanity ... not out of selfish motives but for the love for mankind. back to knowing god is it idealism

A Tribute to God

God: We manifest on Mother Earth, become a human being ... Only to satisfy our lust, the inherent greed of a Human Being, to become the richest of all!

What of the clergy gathering fat donations!!! What use is of richness ... Shall Bill Gates, Ted Turner or Deepak Chopra be able to carry the wealth onto the next Life!! If not, what should be the ultimate goal of a human being (in this Life)? Amassing wealth can never be the goal for a Religious person, Organization or a congregation. What of the billions of dollars being collected by the Vatican City!!

Every penny donated ... Shall one find a birth of his choice in Heaven (Who knows where lies the Heaven?)! Shall it bring inner peace within this Life!

The poor, in hope of getting richer ... Donates out of his meager means. Even beggars and the tormented few (Human Beings we consider as the downtrodden denizens of the society!) ... Do they not pay their Obeisance in the temple of God, be it a Church, Mosque or a Temple. The petty donations ... Does God need material comforts? Does it outweigh others who do not pay or are unable to pay ... For thy are busy serving the mankind!! Is it we who pay for the expenses in the kingdom of god!

God Almighty who created the Cosmos gave us ...

Sunshine ... the eternal source of Energy (what of the billions of years of Life of the Sun compared to puny 70-80 years spent by a human being on Mother Earth) ... Can we even think of Life without Solar Energy. Have we alternative sources of Energy within the grasp of Human Beings? The so called Renewable sources of Energy (as interpreted by our learned Scientists and Engineers) ... Are they not the Cosmic Reservoirs of Energy ... So badly needed by Human Beings to survive. Must we not pray to god to continue giving us this perennial source lest the Humanity vanish (latest Scientific reports confirm a layer of 10-12 feet of snow carpeting Mother Earth within 3-4 days if the Sun fails to shine) ... The cause for respect which has been accorded to the Sun god in various Hindu (Indian) Scriptures.

our soul atman the spirit within Gurus (Spiritual Teachers) were never wrong. They were able to clearly distinguish the Truth. Upanishads ... the treatises on Cosmic Revelations by various Indian Rishi's (Spiritual teachers who gained Emancipation) confirm this truth again and again. Not a word is wrong ... You have only to grasp the Inner Truth!

Water ... The surface of Mother Earth is 81% water ... Why? Could the Humanity survive without the vast surface area covered by water. Think it over ... seriously!

Do we not need a large area for Vapors to form so that we could have rainfall world-wide (i.e. all tracts of land)!!! Lesser the Catchment area ... lesser would have been the requirement of the surface of water. The number of atmans (souls) in the Universe being fixed ... It was easy for the Creator to have assessed the requirement of surface area covered by water vis-à-vis land area!!

What is the mode of transportation of water created by god! Had there been no system of rain ... Would most of us have not fled to regions with perennial source of water, the Seas and the Oceans!!

The Rivers and Lakes exist ... for there is Rain. We dig and lo .. Drinking water is found. In absence of Rains ... would not the level of ground water reach unfathomable depths? Would not all lakes, ponds, wells dry out with passage of time!

The most freely available commodity ... that too auctioned by human beings on road sides. The so called soft drink companies ... selling us carbonated water at exorbitant prices ... Shall they get rich in the process. What value is of that richness which cannot be carried onto the next Life!!!

Must we not desist from deforestation and pay Obeisance to Rain Gods also. No Rains, only the seas and Oceans would exist. No where else on Mother Earth would you find a single drop of water ... What planning, what a system created by God!! Still we do not have time to pray to god!

Every now and then remembering the rich Endowments from the almighty and in return making our best efforts to help the mankind and Society as a whole ... Should be the motto of all, poor or rich.

Air ... the international carrier of oxygen, our breath ... Can we survive even for a minute without breathing! Stop the air as it is and it would not take above twenty four hours for Humanity to die a gory death!!

Available in abundance ... Where is the cause of worry? What of above 2000 perishing in a Smog on London Streets!! What of the suffering of the people of Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore and others who have presently been engulfed in the Smog due to uncontrolled forest Fires!!! Is it not the wrath of god incurred by us for destruction of the Rain forests ... The inner strength of survival of mankind and all other species of beings living on Mother Earth!!!

When shall our eyes open ... To find the Humanity on the Verge of collapse!! God never desired abuse of the things freely gifted by him to mankind! Had Almighty desired so, it could still make the Solar system vanish in seconds!!! Why would it torment its own Sons & Daughters, the highest manifestation on Mother Earth!!!

Spiritual leaders, Scientists and even the so called uneducated layman (Henry Ford and Jameshedji Tata etc. who could read between the lines and learn the hidden inner meaning in all activities of god) ... Are they not true saviors of mankind! We owe our lives to them for the Humanity would have perished long ago had Napoleon and Hitler been able to clone themselves!!!

The Air and Weather Gods are not to be despised. They are the core ... atman the soul within survives for they are there. Belie the Truths stated above and Humanity shall perish in no time. nostradamus predicted and the truth it shall be!! The looming third and final Nuclear world war of this Era ... is staring us face to face (Refer the essay "shape of the world to come".

Better learn the lessons before the fury of Nature teaches us. None is even too late ... So is the system devised by god. Let us all take a vow ... to spread message of brotherhood and goodwill amongst all ... Educate our children to learn the basic truths.

Sunshine, Air and Water or the discotheques, self deceit and lies ... We have to choose between the two!! May god give us strength and wisdom to uphold the values which he so cherishly nourished in his children ... the human beings of today!!! God bless us all! back to atribute to god

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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