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Faith in different Beliefs: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Faith in different Beliefs

When young, I wanted to go in search of God. Born in a Jain family... it was my prerogative whether I wanted to have faith in different beliefs or not? Inherently I believed all religions to be true for every religion emanates from the teachings of an enlightened one. Buddhism developed after Gautama Buddha... Christianity followed Jesus Christ!

I shall explain my journey... the spiritual pursuit in brief! If I need to go from Washington to New York, I can go on foot, a cab, public transport like bus or train... or a flight! What if I have no means available! As a young child without any preceptor... spiritual master to guide me I started my spiritual journey on foot!

On way when I had covered quite some distance... a bus passed by. Fortunately, the conductor of the bus... Christian I faith was from my village. He wanted to get me a free ride. I willingly agreed. What if the conductor belonged to a different religion? Whatever I could gather from this gentleman... his beliefs... whatever positive was there to gain... I humbly accepted it!

After reaching the destination I disembarked from the bus and started my journey on foot. Having traveled a distance... a cab passed by! The driver turned out from my village. He was a Muslim. He had one seat vacant... he also offered me a free ride! Whatever I could learn from this gentleman about Islamic faith... I gathered it all.

My purpose in life was reaching New York at the earliest. If the Christian and the Muslim drivers were of little help... where was the problem! If I could gather pearls of wisdom from different faiths, I had nothing to lose! I finally reached Philadelphia. While I was brooding over the experiences of my journey... came along a pilot friend.

He operated flights between Philadelphia and New York. Seeing my plight he offered me a free seat in the plane. He was a Jew! I humbly accepted the offer... I had nothing to lose... what if there were pearls of wisdom hidden in Jewish teachings! Whatever the faith... whatever beliefs... in the journey of life we must accept all with an open heart!

Yes, it is our birthright... the power of discrimination within us that tells us right from wrong. Whatever the faiths and beliefs of others... it is unto us to accept whatever is our inner self agrees upon. Not everything that belongs to other faith may suit us. Outright discarding a religion, faith or belief is suicidal!

On the path of pure spirituality... we must always embrace all that is based on absolute truth! In my whole life I never discarded any faith, belief or religion out of hatred or fundamentalism. I belong to Hindu faith that encompasses everything that is pure. Having full faith in God Almighty is an absolute must... one simply cannot do without!

Embracing every religion... every faith... every belief... after 25 years of yoga meditation... I finally realized God in 1993... At 37 years of age! I always used to pick up pearls of wisdom lying in every religion... leaving the rest! If a religion... belief or faith had 1% to offer... I accepted 1% and left 99%. If someone had 5% to offer, I accepted the same with humility!

After all... everything belonged to God. I was only a trustee managing the affairs of God in his name!

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993 on Faith in different Beliefs. For more details on Buddhism Gautam Buddha Christianity Jesus Christ visit - faith in different beliefs
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