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Fate and Destiny: Article by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Fate and Destiny

People do not use fate and destiny as excuses for not trying in life! Unable to understand the underlying crux of doctrine of karma... humanity world over assumes the destiny of mankind... an individual is not in ones hands! Why so? When we perform Karma... we expect the results... the fruits thereof in present life itself!

The doctrine of karma envisages that the fruits of karma performed by us in this life need not necessarily be made available to us in the present manifestation. It is possible the fruits of karma performed by us now become available four manifestations henceforth! This phenomenon has explicitly been covered in the topic of Prarabdha karma.

We often observe some whose integrity is beyond doubt suffering in this life! Likewise one who continues indulgence in wanton desires and vice experiencing all pleasures of life! Such an anomaly defies all human understanding! Unable to understand the crux of the law of karma; the dissatisfied human being treats self as slave of destiny!

As per the law of karma we only get what we sow... Nothing more or less! We get birth in the present life based on the residual balance of karma of all the previous manifestations. However, there is a sudden hidden element in the process of karma that is beyond the capture of human beings. This hidden factor was envisaged by God Almighty so that the intelligent human being does not manipulate the laws of nature!

This hidden factor is covered in the topic of Prarabdha karma the fruits of which become available to us in the present manifestation or three manifestations henceforth. The reason why one continues to suffer while having a sunny disposition and godly thinking! Also those indulging in vice garner the fruits of Prarabdha karma of previous manifestations!

In spite of repeated efforts when the results are not forthcoming... people lose heart! They stop trying further! They do not realize that unless they neutralize the bad effects of negative karma of the previous manifestations... the fruits of karma of the present manifestation cannot materialize. It just cannot be!

One with a sunny disposition and godly thinking... if continues to suffer... simply has to work harder! Only then the fruits of karma of the present manifestation might become available to us! In the system of God there are no free lunches. God Almighty never interferes in the creation of his. All is the result of a system that cannot err!

If we continue to suffer in the present manifestation... it owes its existence to the bad karma performed by us in the previous manifestations! To get out of the rut... we need to neutralize the effects of the bad karma! There are no short cuts in life. The calculation is purely mathematical. In the doctrine of karma two plus two always equals to four.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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