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Guidance of a Guru: Essay by Vijay Kumar... The Man who Realized God in 1993
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Guidance of a Guru
Is it essential
(Importance of guru in spiritual life)

Guru: For gaining insight into the wisdom Jnana contained in the Bhagavad Gita, Upanishads, Vedas, Itihasas, Puranas and Agamas ... It is a must to have a proper Guru .. One who acts as a guiding light, to guide, which sacred document to be read and in what sequence. So much literature available and so much to be read .. you get confused!

Only a Guru who has Realized-Self, one who knows the true identity of Self and Brahman can throw light on the texts of various religions so as to explain the deeper meaning, in a dialect a lay person can understand. Reading different texts may be like knowing every individual but still different petals of a lotus ... How and where all individual but different chapters are connected .. Can be made clear by a God realized soul alone.

You may literally scan page after page of various texts but will the "Brahma Jnana" (the Eternal Truth) be showered upon you by the Grace of God. No! not unless you learn of the intermingling connections between the various sacred texts.

You must be able to realize the truth from within ... Sacred texts only act as various steps to be crossed over before the "Door of wisdom" opens for you and you experience a stage of all bliss. All becomes serene thereafter ... there is none between you and God. Darshan (face to face contemplation) having being completed you return from your inward journey only to find your Guru to be a true Emancipator for whole mankind.

He was the one who showed you the way ... the true path towards the kingdom of God. So many clarifications .. so confusing were doubts .. you felt you were totally lost. A true guru ... who has already covered the journey unto the end would know ... where you are struck. To get you out of the mess rests on his shoulders, provided, you have full FAITH in him. Can we still remain in doubt ... Not one but all on way to Emancipation need the services of a true Guru.

How to recognize a true Guru?

You are a raw aspirant. You can not differentiate right from wrong. You do not know the parameter on which to weigh & find the truth. So much of sacred literature!! Above all so many Mahatmas and Sadhus ... you may visit Haridwar or Varanasi, every corner is full of them. So many preachers! greater the Ego, more is the volume of the loudspeaker. All seem to be on the same platform ... How to choose amongst them?

In many metropolitan cities ... many multistoried Ashrams stand out distinguishably in posh localities. All headed by Saints of high Spiritual integrity ... yet living in air-conditioned and palatial bungalows. You inherently feel (prompted by your ĎAtmaní within) that something is amiss .. the so called Spiritual Gurus .. what are they doing in urban surroundings, away from the serene spots in the mighty Himalayas! Can you trust them .. Those who feel elated on seeing a fat cheque for donation!

The way out

is .. Read the literature written by them. If it appeals to you .. follow them to the core. Have face to face discussions and clarifications from them. If you are a right and serious aspirant and have Faith in the right guru then, realizing the true earnestness of the shisya (student) he shall come to his help & make him his disciple, for in helping him ... He is serving the Lord. So is the system of God. You who do not have Faith shall ever remain a skeptic ... always in doubt, never believing anyone. You forget, House of God is open for all ... Blessed are those who get an opportunity to serve him.

Whom to Choose ... Male or Female Acharya

God does not distinguish between male and female. For him all are equal. Whoever imparts the right knowledge ... is to be trusted. In the long run, you shall realize yourself that it is the He part who are more learned and who are on the top ... for the prime reason that feminine hood is inherently vested by God with physical love for mankind, be it anyone, right from a child to a grown up, a he or she. Mahavira, Jesus Christ, Buddha and Prophet Mohammed were all He. We have just to take a cue from history.

Females are more passionate and tender hearted. They are involved more in serving the Humanity. They nurse a child and make him capable of becoming whatever he or she chooses to be. Being compassionate in nature and more bodily attached to members of the family, she is considered as a Devi (Goddess). A Devi can be a good escort to a God but never the God herself for she is made to serve ... serve one and all. She is the embodiment of Mother Earth. We must never neglect female Acharyas but we shall complete the ultimate journey only with the help of a male Acharyas.

God, Is it ... He or She?

God is always representative of He for he is the Karta (doer), the originator of all. Cosmos consisting of many Universes was created by the Lord, but how do the atmans (souls) spread all over purify themselves. They have to manifest some form, some where. Thus were created many stars, surrounded by planets. These planets when ripe for germination to take place ... had the origin of a single cell formation known as Amoeba.

Inherent tendency of evolution resulted in its multiplication causing it to produce a two cell and finally a multi cell formation .. Result! Insects were born. These insects were small in nature and the tendency to evolute gave way for further development into trees. The trees bore fruit but were static in nature ... Not even able to ward off itself from the Calamities of nature. In born instinct gave these trees legs and thus were born animals.

These animals though bodily large enough to run and protect themselves from extremes of nature were without much intelligence. Amongst these animals, the intelligent ones ultimately grew into the early man who also were more like animals. With the advent of science, the stone and iron age become history. Finally came the modern man who had a completely developed intellect and could understand the concept of the Lord. He built temples for praying to God and seek his blessings.

Essay by: Vijay Kumar "Atma Jnani"

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Guru Guidance: spiritual master guide teacher only one who has realized self can be a guru!

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